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Simple steps before applying:

- Check to see if your GuildLaunch account has the same name as your applying character. If not, please make it as similar as possible. If there is a mistake made by someone because the forum name is completely different for the ingame name, you will be held responsible for it.

- Read the Charter below

- "Apply to Guild" on the LEFT hand side of the webpage.

- Once you apply you will be contacted in 1-4 days. Keep an eye on your ingame mail or GuildLaunch mail.


Welcome to the Endeavour's forums.

T#12/16/2012 Charter may be revised according to faction growth. Please keep yourself updated on the revision dates

The following is a more detailed outline of what we expect of current and future members. Most of these things are based on common sense and general courtesy to both individuals and the guild as a whole. Members are required to be up-to-date on any important changes in rules or policy and these changes will always be posted on the forums. Anyone wishing to join Endeavour will need to fill out our application. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability. Each application will be reviewed by officers and members and you will be contacted within a few days with any follow-up questions we may have. Contact will be attempted via whispers or in-game mail. If we are unable to contact you for a follow up interview for longer than 1 week, the application will be denied, and you will have to re-submit. Please take a look at our class and level requirements. You may apply to Endeavour before you reach these levels, however when accepted your invite will be put on hold until you reach the required level.

Mingling with members:  If conflict arises please use PM's or squad with an officer for resolution and to keep it from infecting the other members of the guild. Enjoy the social aspects of guild life most like to help so don't be shy in asking. The better geared members and officers are not here for your personal benefit, do not abuse them. Also, do not beg for or demand charity. Dishonorable conduct is not permitted under any circumstances regardless of who the conduct is aimed at, Endeavour member or not. Anyone experiencing any sort of conflict with a member of Endeavour is recommended to contact an officer. This goes for members having problems with members, members having problems with non members, and non members having problems with members. If you have a problem with an officer, please contact the director. If you have a problem with the director, contact the leader. Emo/Rage quits are happen and will be handled case by case. Try to time these so you can still come to TW, and understand all your positive DKP will always be wiped. To avoid confrontations, make sure the distribution and banking/loot distribution methods are clear before running the instances. 

PK:  Be safe about it and try not to be a jerk. Looting of a fellow member's items and refusal to return them will result in removal from the guild. If you decide to loot someone's items, be prepared for the consequences (angry players) and do not expect the Endeavour's officers or members to clean up the mess for you. Also be sure to use gurdian scrolls,  bind your items, or learn how to use the safety lock (we can teach you). If you drop something during PK it is your own fault. If someone outside of Endeavour picks it up, there is nothing that we can do for you.